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Frequently Asked

Q: How safe is the Gamma Knife?

A: The extreme precision and noninvasive nature of the Gamma Knife makes it the safest, most effective system for controlling tumors in the brain, head and neck.

Q: Is the Gamma Knife painful?

A: Contrary to its name, the Gamma Knife does not cut at all. The 192 intersecting gamma rays are potent only at their intersection point, so there is no substantial effect on normal tissue outside the target area. Some patients may experience a mild headache or minor swelling at the pin sites where the stereotactic head frame was in place, but most report no discomfort. Most patients return home the same day and resume normal activities the following day.

Q: Why should I choose the Miami Neuroscience Center for my care?

A: Dr. Wolf, Dr. Coy, Dr. DePrima and the entire team have been treating patients together for the last 18 years. No other Gamma Knife team in the U.S. can say that. They are leaders in their field, bringing experienced hands and compassionate hearts to their patients’ care.

Q: Can you recommend any other sources for information about the Gamma Knife?

A: Yes. You may visit the website for Elekta, makers of the Leksell Gamma Knife, as well as their patient resource centers at gammaknife.org and wearefightingcancer.com.

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