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Doctor says Brain Cancer Deaths Should be a Wake-up Call
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Doctor says Brain Cancer Deaths Should be a Wake-up Call

Miami Neuroscience Center Medical Director Says Education is Key to Saving Lives South Miami, Florida

Brain tumors are the second most common cause of cancer death for men ages 20 to 39. It's the fifth most common cause of cancer for women in the same age group.  Those troubling statistics should be a wake-up call according to Miami Neuroscience Center Medical Director Dr. Aizik Wolf. Dr. Wolf is one of the world's leading authorities on radiosurgery and Gamma Knife®, a technologically innovative, non-invasive treatment for brain, head, and neck cancers. Dr. Wolf said doctors have to do their part to bridge the information gap, but public awareness is a partnership.

Dr. Wolf explained,

"Part of the problem is that too many people don't have the facts and still believe a diagnosis of brain cancer is an automatic death sentence. We have made great strides in developing treatments that are prolonging and saving lives."

A recent survey commissioned by the Miami Neuroscience Center in Florida, Georgia, and Alabama revealed that a surprising number of people are not educated about the symptoms of brain cancer or what treatment options are available when brain cancer is diagnosed.  More than 54% of the general population and 63% of Hispanics cannot correctly identify the leading symptoms of brain tumors.

A staggering 74% of general population respondents had no idea that there were non-invasive medical procedures available for removing or treating brain tumors. The Miami Neuroscience Center is offering a free, downloadable tip sheet that is available in English and Spanish.  The new pdf, Brain Cancer and You,should start a dialogue. 

Dr. Wolf explained,

"An understanding of the symptoms is an important first step. You can't let fear guide you. Getting the information you need and acting quickly to understand your treatment options can save lives."

The tip sheet is available at www.miamineurosciencecenter.com. Internationally recognized for its groundbreaking work in radiosurgery, the Miami Neuroscience Center utilizes the Gamma Knife® Perfexion™, the only neurosurgical tool specifically designed for noninvasive brain, neck, and cervical spine radiosurgery. Led by Dr. Wolf, the Miami Neuroscience Center team has achieved national and international acclaim for its development of groundbreaking advancements in radiosurgery.


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